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Osho Group views Turkey as a country offering significant opportunities for foreign investors with its geographically perfect position, here Europe & Asia meet, to function as a gateway between Europe, Middle East and Central Asia. It is particularly important to indicate its central location in all that is connected with sources of energy, oil from the Eastern Mediterranean and the Caspian region on the one hand, and sources of natural gas in Central Asia on the other. The opportunities exist not only in the dynamic domestic market, but also throughout the region.

Hospitality and tolerance being the traditional cornerstones of the Turkish way of life, the country is open to foreign investors with many attractions to offer.

  • Large and growing domestic market.
  • Mature and dynamic private sector.
  • Leading role in the region.
  • Liberal and secure investment environment.
  • Supply of high quality and cost-effective labor force.
  • Customs union with EU countries.
  • Developed infrastructure.
  • Institutionalized economy.

Featured Services

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Mining Sector

Osho has been in the mining field for past two decades and presently doing mining activities in various countries all across the globe covering, Coal, Iron Ore, Gold, Chrome, Manganese and various other minerals. We foresee vast potential of mining business in Turkey and presently we are targeting mining of Chrome, Manganese, Iron Ore and Marble on large scale.


Iron & Steel

Osho’s also foresee potential in Turkish Steel Industry and we are of the view that setting up of fully Integrated Steel Plant will be a very good investment as Turkey is not only a good market for steel products but potentials for exporting the steel from Turkey to other countries are very good.

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Trading Minerals & Stones

Osho Group wishes to exploit the importance of its presence in the Asian Market and its grip over the potential buyers. As China and India have potential to buy and we foresee huge demand of various kind of Minerals & Stones in these countries a trading division has been set up by Osho in Mersin near port area.

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